Beauty Report_Unveiling Eyeliner Types

Unveiling Eyeliner Types

The eyes speak a thousand words. This is probably the reason why girls spend quite a portion of their time each day to doll up their eyes, and let their eyes express their persona. Choosing the right eyeliner that fits one’s preference is the key in this process. Doing it wrong might lead to a terrifying makeup disaster, and we are not even dramatizing. To avoid this havoc, learn more about the various types of eyeliner, including their strengths and shortcomings.


The classic not only for the makeup newbies but also those who seek maximum control in drawing lines. Pencil eyeliner is available in every makeup store with its wide variations in shape (roller type or old-fashioned pencil type that needs to be sharpened), texture (wax, powder or cream) and of course, color. Known for its natural looking result, pencil eyeliner tends to be used exactly on the waterline or lash line. Please make sure your pencil tip is not too sharp as it may harm your thin, frail skin around the eyes.


Glides smoothly
Natural finish
Easy to use


Wears off easily, especially for those with oily skin
Weak intensity
Some products need regular sharpening



Can’t live without a user-friendly product yet still you long for strong color intensity? Gel eyeliner is your absolute best choice. Although this variety hits the market with a matching brush, we would always like to pair the gel eyeliner with our favorite angled brush, just to make it on point. Start drawing from the inner corner of your eye, and drag the brush along the line using the tip of the brush. Gel eyeliner might be perfect for smoky eye effect, but applying this eyeliner on your daily basis will never go wrong!


Thick and creamy formula
Long lasting
Dramatic effect


Dries in pot over time
Requires a brush to apply (although most products already come with a matching brush)
Not so travel-friendly given its shape



The best friend for any beauty enthusiast, makeup artist, and any girl who love their eyes drawn! Whatever the format, be it brush pen or tube with brush, this eyeliner type gives us more freedom in drawing the line. The precision is, without a doubt, the best among all but can be daunting for the beginners. Because even a little hand movement can make a big change in its application. Tread carefully by drawing a thin line along the lash line. You can layer the line slowly, building on until you get a cat eye finish. If you want to create an immaculate flick, just make a small dot on each end on the outer corner of your eyes and connect the dot diagonally with the rest of the line. Just make sure that each dot on the left and right outer corners of your eyes are aligned.


Glides smoothly
Natural finish
Easy to build on for dramatic cat eye effect
Easy to use


Needs time to dry
Requires more skill
If smudged, it is harder to erase/fix



Kohl eyeliner, or sometimes called by the name Kajal, is usually made of soot or other natural ingredients. This eyeliner is the oldest and the first eyeliner type ever existed. The shape is similar to pencil eyeliner, but the texture is softer which makes the application even easier. Another bonus we need to note: even with its nice precision, it is easy to smudge! Play with it to get the desired result.


High intensity
Soft and easy to use
Smudge effect is ideal for smoky eye look


Easy to smudge or smear
Short wear time



-Aside from matching your eyeliner with the occasion, try to pick a color that makes your eyes stand out.  For Asian with brown eyes, play with dark colors such as purple or navy to substitute your black eyeliner.
-To make your eyes appear bigger, apply bright shades in beige, white or silver on the inner corner of the waterline. Apply matching eyeshadow in the inner corner.
-Colorful eyeliner is a definite option when you want to look different. But don’t forget to apply your black or dark brown eyeliner first then layer it with any color you wish to apply.
-If you often find a gap between the eyeliner and lash line after using liquid eyeliner, consider using the pencil eyeliner first. Visible gap makes your eye makeup undesirable.

Fun fact: Did you know? Eyeliner was first used in 10,000 BC in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

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