Beautyblender is an iconic, hot pink beauty sponge that roused everyone’s curiosity. The makeup pros and amateurs both agree that this sponge is a game changer in the industry. With its superb multifunctional ability to smoothen out rough corners and blend contours, blush, foundation, and various other makeup application, this item has made it to the top of everyone’s to-die-for list.

Even from the first glance, you know the sponge is different from the others. Remember the first time you saw a Beautyblender sponge? Yes, one does not simply take her eyes off of this soft, pink egg-shaped sponge. This edgeless form dodges the possibilities of getting lines and streaks on your face while applying your makeup. The awe continues when you try using it. The sponge soaks just the perfect amount of makeup. No more hearts broken from wasted product. Also Beautyblender uses an exclusive material that allows the makeup to sit on the surface of the sponge. It creates a way for a well-blended result that makes everyone feels like a makeup artist.


First, pick the sponge that suits your product – either it’s foundation, primer, bronzer, or concealer. Aside from the well-known original in hot pink, Beautyblender comes with other three sponge types with their own specialties: pure, pro, micromini, royal and red carpet. Then off you go with Beautyblender’s how-to that comes in three words: wet, squeeze, bounce.

1. Wet and squeeze

Soak your sponge in water and squeeze it out. Watch the sponge grow in size and it’s ready to absorb a fair bit of your make up.

2. Pour

Pour your foundation, BB cream, or bronzer on the back of your palm. Then dab it with your sponge and apply to desired face area. Some of you might prefer to apply the product on your face first before it gets blended. It is up to you.

3. Bounce the sponge

Blend the product into your face using the round bottom for foundation and blush, and the tip for under eyes, contouring, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and other smaller hard-to-get areas until you get the perfect coverage. This sponge can possibly replace your need to spend on various other makeup brushes.


Uncleaned, damp and used sponge can be the ultimate source of bacteria. Whilst Beautyblender sponge can be your new best friend, it can also be your biggest foe for your healthy skin goal. Worry not, all you need to do is to wash your sponge regularly. Beautyblender provides two kinds of cleanser for you: the liquid blender cleanser and solid blender cleanser.

Type 1: The Liquid Blendercleanser

Soak your sponge with a mixture of water and liquid blendercleanser. Compress gently until it produces lather. Avoid twisting and pinching to maintain the product quality. Rinse and dry.

Type 2: The Solid Blendercleanser

Swirl and compress the sponge into the soap under flowing water. Do it until it creates lather. Avoid twisting and pinching to maintain the product quality. Rinse and dry then.

Happy sponging!

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