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The first anti-ageing cream that fights the 5 factors of ageing on eyes. Eye Rule is enriched with regenerative active ingredients, designed in an innovative pen format to effectively treat eye contour. Achieve a high satisfactory with the anti-wrinkles anti-puffiness action from Eye Rule.

How to use:

Morning application:

  • Release a dose of Eye Rule by pressing the button.
  • Barely touching the eye area, apply Eye Rule in circular motions. Start from the interior part with special attention to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gently tap with fingertips for better absorption.

Tips: Keep the pen in refrigerator to add freshness.

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-Raspberry seed oil, a powerful antioxidant, moisturizes and regenerates.
-Adenosine neutralizes dermo-contractions responsible for expression wrinkles.
-Peptides minimize the depth and length of wrinkles by encouraging cellular renewal.
-Urban Advance Complex, a powerful alliance of 3 active ingredients (shea butter serum, mint endorphin and probiotic sugar), acts as an anti-oxidant shield, neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and shocks the skin back to life on a cellular level.