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Holiday Giftbox – The Girlfriend

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LOLLIPOPS_Eye Liner Pencil_Goodbye Moon

1 x EYE LINER PENCIL - with goodbye-moon

A smooth textured eyeliner from Lollipops for an eye definition that lasts long. The pigment allows you to create more depth with an easy application. How to use: Glide this eyeliner on the eyeline or waterline to create a fine line. Apply more to get thicker result.



1 x Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm

Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm is a nourishment and protection that comes in an attractively chic packaging. Available in light and delicate texture, this balm is easily and smoothly applied. Various kind of lip coloring and UV might harm your lips in daily basis, so Kiss Kiss Lip Essence Balm comes to the rescue with...


Beauty Box_Urbanlips_Manhattan

1 x URBANLIPS - with manhattan

Beauty Box Urban Lips lipstick is the famous lipstick range from Beauty Box. The smooth texture of this lipstick gives a long lasting satin to matte finish, completing your whole look with a vibrant shade. Available in 11 colors. How to use: Apply the lipstick directly on or use a lip brush for neat application. For...



This giftset is to be give to your best girlfriend in this jolly season. It is a 3 set gift consisting the best makeup tool for this holiday. Just grab these 3 items and you can get ready to face the holiday in style.


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