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Oscar Blandi Pronto Set

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Oscar Blandi_Pronto Dry Teasing Dust

1 x Pronto Dry Teasing Dust

An ultimate way to boost hair roots and add volume. The sprinkles of Pronto Dry Teasing Dust gets you an after-styling effect in seconds. How to use: Shake the dispenser. If it clogs, gently tap ro release powder. Sprinkle the product onto roots. Massage into hair with fingertips. Backcomb hair for maximum volume.


Oscar Blandi_Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen

1 x Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen Dark Brown

Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen is an instant coloring product for a fast color renewal. This product temporarily disguise the roots, gives highlight and covers gray hair with its professional yet natural color. How to use: Release the color by twisting the pen. Lift the hair away from scalp in 1/4 inch sections....



Oscar Blandi Pronto Set not only volumizing but also creates a matte finish and colored finish to your roots, creating a fuller hair effect.

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