Terms & Conditions


Welcome to beautyrep.com (“Beauty Rep” or “Site”) and thank you for visiting our website! Please read this page carefully to be provided by the details of our terms and conditions (“T&C”) for the best shopping experience. By visiting, ordering, and purchasing in our website, you have declared to read, understand, and agree to our T&C.

Website Availability and Use

  • Beauty Rep has the right to suspend the website for maintenance or upgrades and to change or discontinue any part/feature of this website without advance notice.
  • The use of any material from this website to further be reproduced, distributed, sold, leased, transmitted, or taken under any action that violates the license and permission is strictly prohibited.


To be able to use some particular service and website features, you will have to provide us with the most accurate and factual personal information. You have the right to update, change, or add your details. If you have any issues on registration or updating, please email us to info@beautyrep.com or contact us here.

Review and Comment

  • You shall not post anything that conveys unlawful material, harassment, defamation, abuse, threat, obscenity, pornography, offense, profanity, or any other material that violates any law applied. We have the right to delete your post that contains any of the mentioned above.
  • You are obligated to compensate the loss and damage suffered by website owner or any third party due to undesirable actions above.


You can place an order and purchase products through this website if:

  • You are at least 18 years old. If you are not, you can perform the transaction under parental or guardian advisory.
  • You are a registered user of this website and provide us with your personal details such as full name, contact number, e-mail address, postal address, bank account, credit card details, etc.
  • By submitting the credit card details in your personal data, you declare that you are authorized to make a transaction with that card. If a case of fraud occurs, the responsibility is held by the credit card user alone.
  • Beauty Rep has the right to cancel your order if the payment via bank transfer is not performed within 3 days after the order is received by our team.
  • Voucher can only be used with minimum purchase stated in the voucher. Voucher is limited only to one transaction.


  • Price for each product doesn’t include the shipping fee unless the product is labeled “Free Delivery”.
  • There is a possibility of price error on a particular product. If possible, Beauty Rep will immediately inform you and ask you to either correct or cancel your order. Beauty Rep has the right to cancel your order if you cannot be reached. If you decide to cancel the paid order, we will make a refund with the exact amount.

Product Description

We always try to provide you an actual, fact-based product description. However, you can choose to return the product if it doesn’t match the description on website. Please read Shipping/Return page for guidance.